Parents, rejoice: The Wiggles are back, headlining COVID-19 safe drive-in concerts

Photos: Parents like Davina Smith and TODAY Show presenter Alex Cullen are excited. The Wiggles (Supplied) and Instagram ...
Photos: Parents like Davina Smith and TODAY Show presenter Alex Cullen are excited. The Wiggles (Supplied) and Instagram (Davina Smith) 

If your 'Fruit Salad' moves are getting rusty, never fear because you'll soon be able to bust out some Wiggles moves from the comfort of your own (Big Red) car.

Attending live concerts is something yet to make a comeback since the coronavirus pandemic, but that's about to change thanks to Drive-In Entertainment Australia.

The drive-in concert team announced last week that The Veronicas and The Wiggles will have their own concerts alongside other Australian acts. The series will also host comedy shows and theatre productions.

Talking to Allison Langdon and David Campbell on the TODAY Show, the popular kids' group said hopefully when borders start to relax they can take their show on the road - and got viewers hyped for the drive-in shows. 

"We'll have 30-foot inflatable giraffes wandering through the audience, Dorothy the Dinosaur, scooters... we're going to make it the most beautiful interactive experience no matter where your car is parked," said Anthony, the Blue Wiggle. 


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The Drive-In concerts kick off on July 17 at Western Sydney's Raging Waters, with The Wiggles performing three times over the day. The series will have four to five shows each day and night, with the performances set to be the biggest live events in Australia this year since lockdown began in March.

The concert will also be live-streamed to the cars via Zoom, meaning there's a chance you could see yourself on the big screen and chat directly to the band - who doesn't want to say they've shared a stage with the Wiggles? 

If you're not able to attend the Wiggles in concert,  Nickelodeon will be hosting an 'Hour of Power', featuring SpongeBob SquarePants, Paw Patrol and Dora the Explorer.


"These Drive-in shows are a first for us and we hope we can continue connecting with families through different platforms" Emma Wiggle says.

"We hope that children and families can enjoy this wiggly experience from the comfort of their cars."

Simon, the Red Wiggle, assured young fans they've been creating lots of exciting new content (whilst social distancing) during lockdown. "We did the social distancing song and the handwashing song, we're just trying to get messages out there to help kids and families" he said.

"The last couple of months have been very different for everyone and we hope that these shows will provide some entertainment for families during this time," Yellow Wiggle Emma added in a statement.

"We have enjoyed learning about new technologies and now we are so looking forward to performing with a live audience present."

By the sounds of it, it's not only the kids that are excited their favourite band is back.

"Pick the daggy parents in the @channel9 carpark fangirling over @thewiggles @alextcullen" Smith posted on Instagram after the Today Segment, with Cullen echoing the same sentiments in his post.

"Mind officially blown this morning," he gushed. "What a warm, wonderful and talented bunch of legends."


Pick the daggy parents in the @channel9 carpark fangirling over @thewiggles @alextcullen

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Drive-In Entertainment Australia will have multiple venues across NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC with each location running for two to three weeks with capacities around 300 to 1,000 cars per concert. 

Tickets for the Drive-In Shows are on sale now at with shows on July 17 and July 25.