Paramedic colleagues give birth within weeks of each other - for the second time

Photo NSW Ambulance Facebook Page
Photo NSW Ambulance Facebook Page 

It's exactly the kind of feel good news our health workers need right now.

Two NSW paramedics have given birth within weeks of each other - for the second time in a row. 

post shared to the NSW Ambulance Facebook Page congratulates the two mums on their new arrivals and detailed the coincidental story.

Paramedics and work partners Ella and Allyssa from the NSW Ambulance, first fell pregnant with their first babies around the same time and went through the experience of pregnancy together.

The women went into labour with five weeks of each other and welcomed Xavi and Penny into the world.

Following the birth, the two have continued working together and earlier this year, they both fell pregnant at the same time again.

The hardworking mums welcomed their second children into the world just eight weeks apart, but this time it was a little more dramatic. 

Mum Alyssa's labour progressed incredibly quickly and her baby boy Jack was born in the car on the side of the road


She needed a bit of help from her paramedic colleagues who rushed to meet her and her husband to help deliver the little boy. 

Ella's labour wasn't as action packed, and she gave birth to baby girl Cali Mae at the hospital. 

The Ambulance community took to the post to welcome the new additions and share a few photos, "A huge congratulations to both families!" They also shared some adorable photos of the babies and their siblings. 

Facebook users were delighted by the news and passed along their congratulations. 

"Congratulations mummas! Thank you for all you do for us", one user wrote. 

Another posted, "Some lovely news with all the doom and gloom about. Congrats guys!"