'One in 50 million chance': Three sisters give birth on same day hours apart

The three sisters gave birth on the same day
The three sisters gave birth on the same day Photo: Getty Images

Three sisters have defied the odds and all given birth on the same day in the same hospital.

The sisters, Daneesha Haynes, 25, Ariel Williams, 20 and Ashley Haynes, 27  from Ohio, USA, were all due in July but had different due dates. However, they were all induced on July 3 with their babies delivered by the same doctor.

According to an article published by the Associated Press in 1988, the odds of three sisters giving birth on the same day is one in 50 million.

"This kind of blew everybody away," Daneesha told The Independent, with all the sisters agreeing it was "amazing" that it happened.

Williams was the first to give birth, welcoming her son Sincere Young into the world at 10.10am.

Ashley was next, giving birth to her fifth child giving birth to her 6-pound, 10-ounce son Adrion. Daneesha  completed the trifecta with daughter Emrie, who weighed in at 4 pounds, 14 ounces.

Ashley, 27, was next, giving birth to her fifth child, son Adrion, just over an hour later at 11.26 am, although she was initially due date of July 7.

Daneesha was the last of the three to have her baby in the afternoon welcoming her daughter Emrie Haynes at 2.43pm, she was originally due later in July, but was 'high-risk', so her doctors decided to induce labour three weeks early.


Daneesha posted a photo of her and her sisters with Dr. McMillan to her Facebook page, gushing that the doctor had changed their lives forever.

"He has brought 3 babies by 3 sisters into the world on the same day!! And did an amazing job at it in a timely fashion," she wrote.

"Dr. McMillan you are truly a superhero and we will forever remember this day in history," she continued. 

"And yes we know we look rough," she joked at the end of the post. "But McMillan and the babies are the point!!!!"