Mum's strict routine for sleep training newborn sparks controversy: 'So unrealistic'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

A mum has sparked an online debate after sharing her rigid sleep routine for her newborn baby. 

Tory, who is mum to Owen, 18 months and Cam, two months, shared a video to Instagram describing the schedule

Captioning it to explain it was 'not actual sleep training', but 'gently teaching' good sleep habits, she outlined the rules she's been following since bringing Cam home from hospital.

Among the steps are never feeding to sleep, waking bub up after two hours for day naps, swaddling for every nap (even in the pram), feeding every 2.5-3 hours with no 'snacking' in between and putting bub down awake. 

She also uses white noise for naps/sleep and follows an eat, awake sleep routine of one hour awake to two hours of sleep. 

But while she claims it has helped her family get more sleep, many were sceptical about using such a strict routine with a newborn. 

"If your baby is hungry, feed her. Don't deny her food ever. Remember, babies can eat much more at a developmental leap and newborns cluster feed all the time. Schedules are fine, just keep in mind to stay flexible," argued one. 

"This is so unrealistic," agreed another. "This sounds exhausting," a third chimed in. 


When one mum said the only thing that had worked for her son was co-sleeping and that he screamed whenever he was put in the bassinet, another thanked her for sharing a not-so-perfect experience.  

"Thanks for sharing. My seven-week-old is like that and it is so discouraging to see all these videos. Nice to know I'm not alone!," they said.

However others said they'd followed similar guides and found success. 

"This is how my 10-week-old has been sleeping through the night for three weeks now," said one.

"Followed this with all three of my kids and they were all fabulous sleepers and nappers. Still are," agreed another.