Mum passes bar exam after stopping to give birth halfway through: 'Females are strong as hell'

Brianna Hill and her son, who was born during her exam.
Brianna Hill and her son, who was born during her exam. Photo: Facebook

The multi-tasking mum who made headlines after she went into labour halfway through her bar exam has even more reason to celebrate - she passed!

Brianna Hill was 38-weeks pregnant when she sat down to take the Illinois State Bar in October and was only 30-minutes into taking the remote exam, which consists of four 90-minute parts, when she started having contractions.

Taking a break after the first portion, she rang her husband, mid-wife and mum before sitting down to take the second part of the test.

Giving birth to a healthy baby boy a few hours later, Ms Hill said it "wasn't an option" not to finish the exam, so hospital staff put a "do not disturb" sign on her door while she finished the exam from her hospital bed. The new mum admitted the situation was "definitely a little crazy".

Brianna Hill and her family.

Brianna Hill and her family. Photo: Facebook

Now Ms Hill has revealed on Facebook she passed the notoriously difficult exam, despite being told to medically withdraw, making her officially a lawyer!

"I PASSED," Ms Hill wrote in a Facebook post.

"FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL," she continued. "I took part of the exam sitting on towels because my water had broken and the other part sitting on an ice pack because I had given birth the night before.

"I was told to medically withdraw after the first day because there would not be a way for me to finish in the hospital," the new mum wrote, adding she haemorrhaged after birth and took the second part after just an hour-and-a-half of sleep and breastfed her baby in between.


A lot of y’all already know my birth/bar exam story (thanks Kaitlyn Hill 😂) but I haven’t said much on my personal page...

Posted by Brianna Hill on  Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Thanking her "support" system, including her husband, family, the hospital staff and doula for helping her get through an "intense, fast, and unmediated labour", Ms Hill said she's thrilled with what she achieved,. 

"I did all of this because I did not see any other option to accomplish both my goals- become a lawyer and a mum," she declared.

"I am SO happy I get to be a lawyer officially and am so thankful that I got here.

"Now, I am going to go celebrate with my cute little family."