Mum considering changing seven-week-old baby boy's name, even though her husband objects

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Most parents-to-be spend a fair amount of time deciding what name to give their baby. And once that decision is made, it is usually final. 

However one mum has decided she has changed her mind and wants to rename her baby - who is now seven-weeks-old. The problem is, her husband is happy with his son's name and sees no reason to change it now.

The indecisive mum took to Mumsnet to explain that while she was pregnant, she struggled to pick a name for the baby. This was unusual for the mum who had no problem deciding on the names of her other children. 

"With my other pregnancies I chose a name I loved and stuck with it when they were born", she wrote. 

Once her baby was born, she went through her shortlist but none of the names seemed to suit the new addition. So she went back to a few names she passed on with her other kids. 

"I saw Rocco, I looked at him and it did suit him," she said.

Luckily her husband also loved the name, so they went ahead with it.

Seven weeks on however, the mum isn't a fan. She now prefers a different name.

"He really looks like a Bruno to me, he's so chunky and handsome and I'm starting to regret not calling him that," she admitted. 


The problem is, her husband prefers the Rocco and isn't interested in changing the name at all. 

Even little Rocco's siblings love it, and are now very used to calling him "baby Rocco". 

Regardless, the mum is seriously considering going against the family and registering the baby as Bruno. She hasn't yet completed the official paperwork, so wants to take advantage of the opportunity to change it. 

As expected, people took to her post to advise her not to go against the family

"I wouldn't be changing after seven weeks, especially if no-one else is keen", one person commented. 

Another wrote, "You may not have registered it but he's already been named. I think Rocco is a great name". 

The majority of users also said they prefer Rocco over Bruno. They suggested instead of changing his first name, she just add Bruno as the middle name so she can still enjoy it.