Man tells wife he doesn't want kids after their puppy experience: 'Disastrously unprepared and ignorant'

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There's a wise saying that you should first get a pet with someone before having children with them,

But for one man on Reddit, seeing his wife with their puppy has completely turned him off the idea of having kids with her. 

The 32-year-old wrote that he'd been married to his wife, 29 for seven years and had decided a year ago to start trying for a baby.

While it hadn't happened yet, they were taking a relaxed approach. In the mean time, they got a puppy, figuring while they were both working from home they would be able to house train and care for it. 

However, he quickly realised it was he who had to do all the hard work

"But ever since we got him, I've had to bathe, feed, and clean up after him. Don't get me wrong, she helps out as well but I would say it's in a 90/10 per cent ratio. It gets extremely tiring after awhile and sometimes I just want to kick my feet up, have a nice beer and watch TV without being interrupted with 'Hey, the puppy just peed! Can you come clean it up!'," he wrote. 

"It carried on for a couple of months and a couple of nights ago after a long zoom session for work, I exploded and told her that she needs to do her share of looking after the puppy and I'm tired of being the one who does all the work. She told me I was being calculative and trying to under mine her. I told her that its clear that I've been doing all the dirty work and all wants to do is play with the puppy."

He then told her that if he couldn't trust her to look after a puppy, how could he trust her with a baby and that if she acted the same way, he'd rather not have kids. 

"She screamed at me, burst out into tears and left the house. She has been staying at her parents for a few days now but things don't really seem to be improving," he said.


"Her parents are telling me it was a horrible thing to say as a looking after a puppy is not the same as a baby and that she would make a great mum and that I should come over and apologise to make things right."

While he agreed it was maybe a little harsh, he said he wouldn't know how to cope if the same happened with their baby. 

Reddit users overwhelmingly sided with the man, saying it was a red flag. 

"Yeah it was a harsh thing to say, and in the future you need to talk about this sorta stuff rather than holding it until you explode. But your logic isn't exactly off the mark, a puppy is a hell of a lot easier to care for than a human," argued one.

"Parenthood is the greatest gift of all but your wife sounds disastrously unprepared and ignorant to reality (her parents are not helping with this) at the end of the day.. Once you're living it you've just got to do it."

However others argued that once a child was in the picture, she'd probably respond differently.

"Playing devil's advocate here... perhaps my wife is the exception that proves the rule, but my wife is a brilliant parent to our daughter, however with regards to the dog I find myself in the same predicament as you," said one.

One argued though that the man was blaming his wife for failing a test she didn't know was set. 

"You've massively insulted her and told her that she wouldn't care about her own children enough to clean up after them. Looking after children's basic needs is not complicated and she absolutely can do it, just as she absolutely can clean up after the puppy," they said. 

"A puppy is similar but when it's your own child you end up doing what you would never have ordinarily done, the investment is completely different."