Internet falls in love with two-year-old girl obsessed with her 'creepy' zombie doll: 'Takes Dolly everywhere'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

Kids can become attached to unusual objects and if it keeps them calm and happy, many parents go along with it.

In the case of two-year-old Parker Eckstein's mum Kourtni, that also includes a 'creppy' zombie doll

The toddler has found fame in her mum's TikTok's, which show the little girl's obsession with her 'Dolly', which as you'd expect looks like something from beyond the grave. 

In the clips, Parker can be seen sweetly tending to the creature, eating breakfast with her and even singing to soothe her. 

As Kourtni told TODAY Parents, what she thought would be a fleeting interest for her daughter last Halloween quickly turned into something more.

"I turned around and Parker was standing there with this creepy doll and she wouldn't put it down," the Toronto based mum told TODAY. "I was like, 'Whatever. I'll buy it for her. She'll get over it in a day'."

While it's not the only toy doll she plays with, it's the only one who never leaves her side.

"Parker loves her Disney princess dolls, but they never leave the house. She takes Dolly everywhere. Some people think it's prompted, but trust me, you can't get a toddler to do something they don't want to do," Kourtni added.


In one clip, Kourtni captures a sweet moment between the pair, as Parker sings her own version of Twinkle Twinkle to Dolly as she rocks her to sleep in a craddle. 

"Twinkle, whittle staw, how I wunda what yo are… Johnny, Johnny yes pawpaw, eating suga, no pawpaw, tewing lies?," she sings along happily to the doll. 

Another clip shows just how much Parker loves Dolly, in montage of all their adventures together. However, their 'friendship' has divided TikTok. While some thought it was sweet, others weren't so sure. 

"Wait for the 'but mummy, the dolly said I should do it," joked one. "Oh hell no!," added another. 

"Kids are precious. They see no colour, no race or even demonic dolls lol," argued another. "Mine loves her evil skeleton dogs and tries to bring them to school. Kids are both adorable and terrifying!," a fellow mum shared.

Kourtni says she doesn't care for negative comments. Repling to a question from a fan asking her if she wasn't 'even just a little bit concerned' about the unusual obsession, Kourtni shows Parker trying to 'feed' Dolly some McDonalds, by pushing the fries into her eyes and says: 'No, not in the slightest', before joking 'Maybe just a little'. 

As many TikTok users commented, it may be an unconventional doll, but Parker's devotion to it couldn't be sweeter. 

"It's strange how adults think that children see things the same way we see them," argued one.

"Concerned about what? She likes dolls ... that's what they are ...dolls. She doesn't know what gone and scary even means, she's a baby," agreed another. 

"She's learning to be a free thinking individual who is unique. You should be proud," a third chimed in.  

The adorable pair remind us of two-year-old Theo and his bestie - a one-and-a-half metre skeleton named 'Benny'.