Identical twin sisters give birth within hours of each other at same hospital: 'We were both shocked'

Picture: Facebook/Lauren Przybyl
Picture: Facebook/Lauren Przybyl  

Identical twin sisters have given birth just hours apart in the same hospital.

Kehinde Adedayo and Taiwo Aluko, from Texas, both became pregnant at roughly the same time in June last year, despite not planning to have babies together.

Last week, they both went into labour at the same time, and were taken to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest, in Fort Worth. 

Adedayo was the first to give birth, delivering a healthy daughter Zoey, born weighing just over 3kg. Sister Aluko quickly followed, having her son Tony 28 hours later, weighing just a little less than his cousin.

As the sisters told local news station CBS DFW, neither could have imagined having their babies so close together.

"I wanted to surprise Kehinde and have my little girl bring her the positive pregnancy test when she was least expecting it," Aluko told the station. "Little did we know, she had the very same surprise planned for me when her two year old son brought me her positive test at the same time that evening."

"We were both shocked and so excited to go through this journey together," Adedayo added.

Identical twin sisters gave birth - nearly 48 hours apart – at the same hospital. Kehinde Adedayo and Taiwo Aluko...

Posted by Lauren Przybyl on  Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Even nursing staff at the hospital were surprised by the coincidence, as Shelby Jones told the network.

"It's rewarding to serve as an extension of people's families during the pandemic," she told CBS DFW.

They're not the only twins to share overlapping pregnancies. Last month Brittany Deane, 33, welcomed her first baby Jett, supported by her identical twin sister Briana, who is also pregnant and due very soon. 

The pair married identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers, 35, meaning their babies will share an even closer connection, being technically genetic siblings.