'I need to change my two-year-old's name': Mum fears Amazon invention will see daughter be bullied

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Picture: Getty Images 

A mum has confessed she's so unhappy with her daughter's name she's seriously considering changing it.

Posting on Mumsnet to share how she 'deeply regrets' the name - despite feeling it did suit her, the mum said she now loathes that she chose something so unique.

Although she initially refused to share the name, she argued that giving her a more common name would save her any heartache in the future.

"I'm 100 per cent certain she is going to be picked on, bullied and teased for being called this. This should have been foreseeable when myself and exDP (darling partner) were choosing names," she explained.

"I was pregnant and hormonal which perhaps stopped me seeing sense, not entirely sure why exDP didn't say no (he actually was the one who suggested the name)."

Adding she could get away with giving her a longer name that could be shortened to her current name, but at least give her a backup to be taken more seriously. 

"I've briefly mentioned to exDP my thoughts and he is firmly of the thought her name isn't to be changed. I honestly think if I went to court (and I would consider this) a judge would allow a change for DDs sake."

After much cajoling, the mum finally admitted the name - which many had guessed, was Alexa. While she still felt it was a pretty name, she feared for her daughter, given it was shared with Amazon's voice activation technology.

Adding she'd had many 'sleepless nights' about it.


"Recently I've had comments from kids and adults about it. Even my own bloody dad thinks it's hilarious when he talks to my Alexa and it answers," she said. 

"A friend's primary aged kid asked if that meant he could tell her to sing songs for him like his Alexa does. I just feel like I've set her up for a life time of being told to turn the light off, or play 80s music or tell a bad joke."

However many on Mumsnet said the mum was probably over thinking it.

"I wonder if it feels worse for you than everyone else, for some reason. I'd be very surprised if you'd got to the point that she's two years old without this becoming apparent if it's as bad as you think," reassured another.

Others believed it was too late now to change it on the little girl.

"She is a little person who knows who she is," argued one. "She will be knowing and responding to her name by now - is it really that bad that you're willing to cause that level of identity confusion?" agreed another.

"She knows her name, everyone knows her by that name, you'll be forever correcting," urged a third.

Some however felt that if the mum felt that strongly, she should change it.

"But also changing her official name to a longer one so she has options (one of which is just to stay with her current name) sounds like a sensible plan," sympathised one.