'I feel awful': mum-to-be devastated after husband insists on naming baby girl after his late wife

The woman was hurt by her husband insisting on the name.
The woman was hurt by her husband insisting on the name. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It's not unheard of for parents to disagree on baby names, but one pregnant woman has a unique problem when it comes to the name her husband wants to give their daughter.

The dad-to-be wants to name their daughter after his late wife - and he is refusing to budge.

"The situation is horrible, I'm literally losing sleep over this," the woman posted on Reddit, explaining that her husband lost his wife of three years to cancer.

"He still has contact and a very good relationship with her family, which is a good thing.

"I met him in about a year after his wife's death, we dated casually for a few months 'til he told me about his feelings and wanting to be in a serious relationship with me."

The couple has now been married for six months and they're expecting their first baby.

"My husband decided to name our daughter after his late wife right after we got back from ultrasound appointment with the doctor," she said.

"I wanted us to start looking for trendy names, but he declined and insisted on going with his late wife's name. I was so mad I couldn't even call mum to give her the happy news."

The woman tried bringing the topic up with her husband again, but he immediately got defensive and accused her of "hating" the name because of what it means to him.


To make matters worse the dad-to-be started calling the unborn baby by the chosen name. He even told his late wife's parents the baby would be named after their daughter.

"When he told me that, I was so upset I yelled at him for not even considering that I too get a say in this," she wrote.

The woman isn't sure how to handle the situation.

The woman isn't sure how to handle the situation. Photo: Getty Images

In retaliation, her husband told her having a baby "wouldn't have been possible without him so he has a right to name our baby after his late wife and wouldn't accept any other name".

"I'm stressing out and I feel awful, not to mention he actually thinks that my feelings don't matter one bit and his late wife's family are clearly more important," she said.

"Silent treatment is his way of getting me to apologise but I'm so hurt by this treatment and I just can't have him go with that name."

Unsurprisingly, other reddit users agreed that the woman had every right ot be upset. Many believe the husband's behaviour sets off a few alarm bells.

"The red flags are him naming the baby without even considering your input, refusing to acknowledge that you, as the mum, have a say in the name, and trying to socially manipulate you by telling his late wife's family," one person responded.

"It's like the husband doesn't see her as her own person and his partner, but as a surrogate/proxy for his dead wife," another wrote.

"It honestly sounds like he got into a relationship way too soon after his wife's death without putting in the work to process and heal. And poor OP is suffering the consequences."

"You are her mother," another said firmly. "And you get an equal say in her name."

No doubt everyone will be waiting for an update on this unique baby name dispute after the little girl arrives.