Hospital romance: Man proposes to girlfriend with the help of their premmie baby

Teon Kennedy and Martine Drouillard.
Teon Kennedy and Martine Drouillard. Photo: nyphospital

Plenty of romantic proposal stories come out of Valentine's Day: but one in particular has captured the hearts of people worldwide.

New dad Teon Kennedy planned the sweetest surprise for his girlfriend Martine Drouillard, asking her to marry him inside the neonatal intensive care unit where their daughter Morgan has been since she was born last April.

The hospital staff a the New York Hospital helped Kennedy plan the romantic surprise, sharing it to their Instagram. 

"The Perfect Proposal: A Valentine's Day Surprise in the NICU," the hospital captioned a video of the proposal, explaining that Kennedy had originally planned to surprise Drouillard by asking her to marry him at her baby shower in 2020.

However the mum gave birth at 25 weeks due to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, with little Morgan arriving weighing just one pound, meaning the baby shower never happened.

A few weeks later Morgan was transferred to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and moved to the NICU, earning the nickname 'Queen of the NICU', according to the hospital's Instagram post.

Kennedy planned the proposal with the help of the staff, whom the couple have grown close with during Morgan's stay.

Photo: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Photo: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital 


The staff helped decorate the room, even reading out a love letter he had written to his girlfriend, and set up a Zoom call so their friends and family could watch with Kennedy and even dressed Morgan in an outfit that read, 'Mommy, Will You Marry Daddy?'

Drouillard arrived at the hospital, dressed for the 'important meeting' she'd been told she had to attend, and was instead met with the hospital staff and her now fiancé, who got down on one knee an asked the very important question.

Baby Morgan.

Baby Morgan. Photo: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

After saying yes, the staff erupted in cheers, Drouillard telling NewYork-Presbyterian she hasn't been able to describe how she's feeling.

"I'm happy, I'm excited, I'm surprised, I'm overwhelmed," she gushed.

For Kennedy, he was always going to propose to Drouillard in the most romantic way he could.

"Before a baby comes usually the mum gets so much love and attention," Kennedy explained in the video.

Photo: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Photo: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Photo: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

"Today was the day she was able to get all that she missed in the last 300 days."

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Kennedy's proposal was one of the only days the family of three had been allowed to be together, with the couple looking forward to their future.

"We have a beautiful baby," Drouillard said. "We were always going to plan a future and a family for us, but now it's official."