Grandma slammed after catching glass of bubbles instead of baby in viral video

The video went viral.
The video went viral. Photo: Twitter

No one wants to let a glass of bubbly go to waste, and one poor grandma has been criticised after a video of her grabbing her glass of champagne rather than her falling grandson has gone viral.

The video, which was posted to Twitter with the caption: 'When you've finally become an adult and have your priorities straight', shows the curious tot reaching for the glass on the coffee table, which begins to fall.

Seeing a potential disaster on the horizon, the quick-thinking gran goes to put her arm around the toddler, but changes tact, saving the glass instead.

The clip has divided the internet, with some people thinking it was hilarious (and relatable), while others were concerned for the baby's safety.

"In her defence, if she let the glass drop the baby would have fallen on it and got hurt," one woman pointed out.

"Let's say she let the glass fall. It shatters she picks up baby, puts her in the crib. Now she has to clean up every speck of shattered glass *quickly* the paranoia of even one speck of glass getting in your kid's skin is nerve-wrecking," she wrote, adding the baby only fell from a short distance.

"And if you've ever picked up shattered glass you know no matter how many times you mop, sweep, vacuum you still find those pieces lingering days after."

"She shouldn't have let the baby grab glass all Willy Nilly," another argued. "The second answer is she shouldn't have released the baby to fall. Cuz that's what happened. She was holding the baby and let it go to catch the glass."

Others summed up how the majority of users felt about the situation.

"I laughed too loud and for too long at this," one user laughed.

"The way I didn't even see the problem until the third time I watched," admitted another, with someone else adding, "this why my friends don't ask me to babysit their kids."