'Devastating': Mother-of-six dies from COVID-19, just days after after giving birth

Photo: GoFundMe
Photo: GoFundMe Photo: GoFundMe

A 30-year-old mother-of-six who had dedicated her life to helping others, tragically passed from COVID-19 complications not long after giving birth to a baby boy.

Ashley Gornick-Gomez, a nurse from California started experiencing COVID-19 symptoms last year, when she was 37-weeks pregnant.

She tried to manage the virus at home, before her health took a turn and she had to go to the hospital, with doctors performing an emergency caesarean to deliver little Corey.

However sadly, her breathing worsened and doctors had to intubate her not long after Corey was delivered, and she never got a chance to hold her son.

"She got to see just the picture, so she didn't get a chance to hold him, to kiss him or anything," her husband Wilber Gomez told ABC 7, with her Aunt, Valerie Wolff adding it shocked the family who thought she was on the road to recovery.

Ashley Gornick-Gomez and her sons.

Ashley Gornick-Gomez and her sons. Photo: GoFundMe

"It's confusing to think, how can she had been progressing and in a matter of hours, hours, it just turned," she said.

"Overnight she got a 109 fever (42.7 C) and that fever shut her down," Gornick explained. "The doctors were like, 'She's dying. Her organs are shutting down.' She was on dialysis and a ventilator and then her heart was failing."

Not long after, she stopped breathing and doctors told her family come in and say goodbye, with the mum-of-six passed away on January 3.

"It's devastating," Gornick told TODAY. "It's just unbelievable. What a wonderful person she was from the inside out."

Ashley Gornick-Gomez's sons.

Ashley Gornick-Gomez's sons. Photo: MealTrain

According to a fundraising page set up for the family, it's not the first time tragedy has struck; with the father to her two youngest sons, passing away after suffering a heart attack a year-and-a-half ago, and eight months later her sister died of an overdose

Gornick-Gomez, is survived by her sons, Zach, Jacob, Maverick, Jordan, Ryan and newborn Corey and her husband.