Dad shares eerie video of daughter being 'pulled under bed': 'It's crazy'

TikTok users are 'terrified' by the footage.
TikTok users are 'terrified' by the footage. Photo: TikTok

TikTok: a mysterious place full of complicated dances, bizarre food 'hacks' and now, paranormal activity.

Father-of-six Josh Dean, shared some pretty spooky footage that appears to show his toddler, Emma, starting to crawl under the bed, before she appears to be pulled under the bed while screaming "mummy."

Dean posted the video to his account, writing "my daughter being pulled under the bed… wife thinks she crawled but she was clearly pulled by something!!" along with the hashtags #paranormal, #needanswers and #wtf. 

Dean's wife confirmed in a video later that the footage was "100 percent real," adding that "they can't explain it".

"It's crazy. If it doesn't happen to you and you don't see it, it's like 'woah'. If I didn't have cameras I would have never thought anything of it," she said.

"We have it on camera and you can actually visually see and hear everything that happened that I didn't get to hear or see because I was asleep."

Viewers were divided on what was actually going on in the video, which has been liked over 967,000 times.

Some insist there was definitely some paranormal activity going on in their house, while others theorise the little girl probably climbed under the bed then got stuck. 


"Cleanse that house. If you need tips let me know," joked one person.

"The kid obviously climbed under there looking for a toy," reasoned one TikTok user. "And then cried because they couldn't figure out how to get out.... common sense.

"She started crying because she went there and got confused so she couldn't get out," agreed another.  "That's common sense people."

The dad later posted a video in response to people saying she'd been looking for a toy, showing how small the space is under the bed claiming that 'no toy could fit'.

"Don't let her be in that room," urged one worried user. "Check the history of that home... the more you leave her alone the worse things start to happen."

Despite being the star of a TikTok equivalent to a short horror film, Dean said people that it hasn't affected his daughter in anyway.

"Emma stayed in the bed with us all night," Dean said, promising to keep people updated on the apparently haunted room.

 "She slept wonderfully," he assured everyone. "Didn't have any issues."