'Your vagina will thank you': Frida Mom's range for postpartum bodies

The new range of postpartum care products for mums.
The new range of postpartum care products for mums. Photo: Instagram/FridaMom

"Having a baby can be a real pain in the vagina."

That's the tagline of a new range of products, 'Frida Mom', designed to help women prepare for the realities of the fourth trimester.

Touted as the "motherload of labour and recovery must-haves," the items take women from their first contraction to the first post-partum bathroom trip.

"Trust us," the company says. "Your vagina will thank us."

There's comfy postpartum underwear, perineal cooling pad liners, perineal healing foam, and an upside-down peri-bottle to name just a few of Frida Mom's offerings.


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 And the Instant Ice Maxi Pads are a particular stroke of genius (not that using frozen condoms isn't also a brilliant idea).

"When you need a double date for your torn up, leaking vag, the Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads combine instant cold therapy and maximum absorbency in a single disposable pad so magical you'll feel like a vagician," the product description reads.


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The range has a high profile supporter in new mum Amy Schumer who launched Frida Mom with Arianna Huffington  Ashley Graham and CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn in New York last week. 


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"Nothing can prepare you for childbirth and what comes after," Schumer told PEOPLE at the event. "I'm grateful for women like Chelsea Hirschhorn, the Founder and CEO of Fridababy and Frida Mom, who is creating affordable tools to help postpartum women feel like humans while trying to raise humans."

For Ms Hirschhorn,a mother of three, postpartum recovery came as a shock. "I had stitches, I was burning and passing clots," she says in an Instagram post, noting that as there's six weeks before women see their doctor after giving birth we're often left to figure it all out on our own.

"The problem with postpartum recovery begins with a woman's lack of knowledge and ability to prepare for what's really about to go down. The intimidation factor - before, during and after - is debilitating," Ms Hirschhorn says. "Then you're expected to tend to a newborn in between concocting ice remedies from the incontinence and burn relief aisles of your local drug store while perched on a wee-wee pad - my exact discharge instructions after I delivered my first child."

In one ad for the product line, we see a new mum manoeuvring herself gingerly out of bed at 3am to go to the bathroom. She's wearing mesh underwear and a surfboard-like pad.

And it's oh-so relatable.


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"Wow. This made me so emotional!" one mum wrote. "It instantly brought back so many memories. I can't believe this is the first time I've seen an advertisement for postpartum products like this. It's so necessary."

"I cried watching this. 100% accurate! Recovery was harder than the birth!" said another.

"Postpartum recovery doesn't have to be this hard," the caption reads.

Ms Hirschhorn also ensured that each product comes with her personal "vadge of honour".

"I tested every single product myself during my third vaginal delivery and recovery to make sure we nailed it," she says.

"And we did."

While the company doesn't ship outside the US at present, some products are available on Amazon. Find more information here