Woman gives birth in same hospital where husband died of COVID-19 two months earlier: 'Bittersweet moment'

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook 

When Maria Garza delivered her second baby, it was a return to the hospital where her husband had died of COVID-19 just two months earlier.

The mum from Texas, who also has a daughter Isabela, three, had spent three months watching her husband Jason fight the deadly virus, much of it in an ICU ward. 

Sadly, she said her final goodbye in early May, before welcoming their son on July 19, naming him in honour of his dad. 

As she told Good Morning America, returning through the hospital doors brought her a lot of anxiety.

"Going back into a hospital setting, and the nurses wearing the same uniforms and the gowns being the same colour pattern and everything was jarring," she told GMA. 

"But with the support of my family and my mum was there with me and I held his memories close to my heart. [It] definitely [was] a bittersweet moment."

As Jason fell ill in February, he was unable to share in much of the joy of the pregnancy. As Garza shared, he'd been hit hard by the virus and it had been a 'roller coaster' journey for the family. 

"One day he was improving and the next day he would almost pass," Garza told GMA. "The stress of him being in the ICU for three months was almost more than his passing. By the time that his passing came about, it was, [in] a way, a relief because we knew that he wouldn't be suffering anymore."


As she told news network KXAN, she'd contracted the virus herself last year, but had only experienced mild symptoms, and the severity of Jason's illness came as a shock, telling the network he was admitted to hospital within a week of testing positive. 

"He couldn't walk. A week after that he was put on a ventilator. So it was a very, very fast progression of disease there."

In a Facebook tribute to her husband following his death, Garza said she never expected to call on her wedding vows of 'in sickness and in health' so soon. 

"Today I said goodbye to you, my baby. My best friend, partner in crime, and soul mate. You gave me the most precious gifts, our baby girl Isabela, and a baby boy due in July. I know you'll get to meet him first in heaven before I do here; hug him tight, and get him ready to meet his rambunctious sister!! I promise to always protect them the way you always have," she wrote.

"You will always have a piece of my heart, and I will always cherish every memory we made. I will make sure your music and your legacy lives on. You've touched so many lives and you'll always be the remembered as the goofy, fun-loving Jason we all love."