'We're in quarantines': Twin boys bedtime chatter goes viral

Photo: MeganElizabeth/TikTok
Photo: MeganElizabeth/TikTok 

Identical twin boys from Alabama have given us some insight into just how our little people are processing our new way of life amid COVID-19. 

Mum, Megan Sanchez, shared a TikTok video of the three-year-olds chatting away at bedtime, along with the caption, "The two funniest people I know."

In it we hear one twin say, "We're in quarantine."

Photo:Megan Sanchez
Photo:Megan Sanchez 

"Yes, we're in quarantines," says the other.


The 2 funniest people I know! They usually talk about what happened that day while I put the baby to sleep ##quarantine ##pillowfight ##humor ##brothers

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After chanting "Germs go away. Go away germs," the pair then talk about the change of seasons. "It's almost spring time!"

Then they switch right back to germs ...

"I got you with my pillow germs," one of the twins says during the most adorable pillow fight.


Mum Megan Sanchez told TODAY parents that the boys have a special bond. "They have funny conversations like that every night," she said. "It's like a piece of candy to see what fun things they're saying. There's never a shortage of topics!"

And because we can all do with a little cuteness in our days right now, here are some more of their sweet musings.