Video: toddler winched to safety in bag

Luke Collie. Photo: Facebook
Luke Collie. Photo: Facebook 

This video will make your heart leap. As Australia once again faced a flood crisis that has already claimed the lives of three people, incredible footage has emerged of a toddler being rescued by an RACQ Capricorn rescue helicopter.

At 14 months old, Luke Collie was trapped in the back of a ute with his pregnant mother Robin as floodwaters rose around them in Biloela, Queensland.

He was too small to fit in a standard harness, so rescue helicopter staff put him in a black equipment bag and zipped him up. Then, attached to a rescue helicopter crewman, he was hoisted to safety.

Although the boy is seen crying as he was zipped into the bag, then pulled out of it once inside the chopper, the Courier Mail reports that he was fine once reunited with mum.

The video has now gone viral, but Ms Collie is embarrased about the attention. She thanked rescuers and said she would always be cautious around flooded roads. "I'm just very grateful and obviously learned a hard lesson," she said.

Watch the amazing footage of the boy winched to safety in a backpack below.