Video: Federal Minister for Families Jenny Macklin talks to Essential Baby

All About Families: Jenny Macklin

The Federal Minister for Families, Jenny Macklin, joins Essential Baby's Amber Robinson in the studio to answer questions from OurSay's 'All About Families' forum.

Federal Minister for Families Jenny Macklin, has called Tony Abbott "out of touch with Australian families" in an interview with Essential Baby editor Amber Robinson for the OurSay All About Families project.

Minister Macklin says that Australian families who receive the school kids bonus "appreciate the extra help", and don't want it scrapped under an Abbott government.

In the 23 minute video the Minister responds to four public voted questions covering support for families of children with a disability, access to early childhood education and rights for sole fathers and same sex parents.

Ms Macklin says that she personally suports marriage equality and "that it's a matter of basic human rights that if people love each other and want to get married they should be able to."

The Minister also confirmed that all Australian four-year-olds, including Indigenous children in remote communities, are set to have access to government-funded preschool education from midway through the year.