US dad dies of COVID-19 two weeks after wife, leaving five kids behind including newborn

Photo: Daniel Macias passed away two weeks after his wife, Davy. GoFundMe
Photo: Daniel Macias passed away two weeks after his wife, Davy. GoFundMe 

The husband of a US nurse who died from COVID-19 more than two weeks ago has now died after battling the disease himself. 

Daniel and Davy Macias leave behind five children, including a newborn baby girl who Davy gave birth to just three weeks ago while intuabted.

​"I don't know anyone who loved their kids as much as they did, and they made sure they told them every day," Terri Serey, Daniel's sister-in-law, told KTLA-TV.. "I want them to be aware of how much they're loved. And I want them to know how much their parents loved them."

Photo: The Macias family. GoFundMe
Photo: The Macias family. GoFundMe 

The couple were described as the 'kindest, most amazing people'.

"Incredibly sad news. Daniel lost his fight with COVID yesterday afternoon," wrote Terri on a fundraising page. "There aren't words to explain the loss of both him and Davy. Keep the kids in your thoughts and prayers. They gained two angels but still have a long road ahead of them."

Davy Macias and her husband, Daniel, were both hospitalised with COVID-19 in the ICU in early August, according to local media outlet KABC.

The mum-of-five passed away on August 26, and was unable to meet or hold her newborn. 

"She touched everybody's life," Davy's sister, Vandana Serey. "When she's there, she's an advocate for all of her patients. It's always for the benefit of the patient and the babies. She's a great and an amazing woman." 

On a fundraising page set up by family, Davy's other sister, Vong Serey explained that the devoted mother was also a Registered Nurse who had been working since the beginning of the pandemic. 


They couple and their children contracted 'the Delta variant' of COVID-19 after travelling in early August. 

The fundraising campaign has now raised almost AUD $300,000 for the heartbroken family.

"100 per cent of everything delivered or donated is going directly to the children and grandparents and want to make sure that everyone knows that, while keeping the families privacy in their time of mourning," wrote Terri Serey.

Their now three-week-old daughter remains unnamed.

According to family members, the five children, who are aged seven and under, are all being cared for by their grandparents.