US couple welcome baby boy thanks to 'Win a Baby' competition

Photo: Fox News / You Tube / B1039
Photo: Fox News / You Tube / B1039 

While the miracle of life is always a lottery, three-month-old Garrett Rivera can legitimately say he was born because his parents entered - and won - a competition.

In November 2017, radio station B1039 in Florida offered couples the chance to win one round of IVF, with all medication included. Entrants submitted videos explaining why they would make great parents.

Krista and Anthony Rivera won the contest with their video explaining how Anthony's testicular cancer had devastated their dreams of having children together. After overcoming it once, he was told it had returned only weeks after being told he 'had beat it.'

"Cancer is this terrifying, heart wrenching, challenging thing all on its own," they said in the video. "The treatments that save Anthony's life also make him infertile."

They went to explain how all that they had endured together in their three short years of marriage had made them "stronger, more patient and gracious," and how much they desired to have bedtime stories, silly car karaoke and 'lazy Sundays baking cookies." 

After winning the contest in December 2017, the couple focused firstly on Anthony's recovery from his second bout of cancer. Then in February 2018 began the long process of injections, egg harvesting and fertilisation.

Krista wrote on Facebook at the time that she had to wait two months for the transfer as she was at risk of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome which she suffered after egg retrieval.

"We are disappointed about having to wait to transfer, but it is what is best for my health and the health of our baby," wrote Krista.


While the first round of IVF wasn't successful, Krista fell pregnant on a subsequent cycle, announcing their happy news on Facebook.

Baby Garrett was born a day after his due date on August 22, after a 'dramatic' 55 hour labour in which the infant experienced breathing difficulties and his arm was broken.
"I have never been so terrified in my life. Thankfully he quickly began breathing on his own and they let me see him for a brief moment before whisking him away to the NICU," Krista wrote.
Garrett was in NICU for three days before being released.

"When we thought we couldn't have a baby it was just crushing," Krista Rivera told WFTX.

"Without the contest we definitely would not have been able to have our dream of having a baby," she added.

"I never ever would have thought that two years later, I would be holding my baby boy," said Anthony.

The competition ran for a second time in May, with this year's 'Win a baby' winners Vy and Chris Nguyen currently "... going through the infertility process right now."

The couple "... hope to start their own family soon."