Toddler gets stage fright meeting Duchess of Cambridge

A two-year-old boy has suffered from an acute bout of stage-fright after being selected to present flowers to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Ryan Dixon was given the honour of presenting a bouquet of flowers to the Duchess during her visit with volunteers and beneficiaries of charity Family Friends, which provides mentoring programs for vulnerable families, when he suddenly found the whole situation too overwhelming, and tried to run away.

The toddler clutched onto his mum's leg and shouted "No, mummy!", before his mother resolved to give the Duchess the flowers herself.

The Duchess of Cambridge bent down to the boy's height, quietly telling him, "I would be shy as well."

Watch the adorable exchange below (starts at 1:30):

The boy's mother Tracy Samuels, who has been mentored as part of one of Family Friends' programs, told the UK Telegraph that he had rehearsed at home and seemed fine.

"We practised all weekend. He was going to say 'these are for you, nice flowers, lovely flowers' and he was fine doing it at home," she said.

"I don't know what made him so shy, normally he is really outgoing and he's never been shy like this when there's been a big occasion."


Later in the day, The Duchess opened up to a 17-year-old girl about her pregnancy, while attending the opening of the Kensington Leisure Centre in west London.

According to the Telegraph, the Duchess, who is six months pregnant, told teenager Martina McDonagh that she had not found out the sex of her child, and that she could feel it moving around.

"I told her I hoped it was a girl but she said she doesn't know yet," McDonagh told the Telegraph. "She said it was moving around a lot."

McDonagh attends a local school for children with disabilities which will use the new centre.

The leisure centre is on the site of a previous pool where Prince William and Prince Harry both learnt to swim as children. It is expected that Prince George and his younger sibling will learn to swim at the centre once they are old enough.

The Duchess has been attending a number of offical engagements since celebrating her 33rd birthday on January 9. 

Last Thursday she visited a primary school art room, while on Friday she attended an event for foster carers in north London.

With three months until her due date, it is expected that she will soon start to scale back her schedule.