This mum's first baby was 5.4kg, and his little brother is bigger

The baby was born in Wellington Hospital on May 8.
The baby was born in Wellington Hospital on May 8. Photo: SUPPLIED

A New Zealand mother has given birth to one of the region's biggest ever babies, a boy weighing in at a massive 7.39kg - about twice the average weight of a newborn baby.

The parents, who did not want to be named, said he was happy and healthy after being born by caesarean at Wellington Hospital on Monday.

"People are calling him the next Jonah Lomu, but we think he'll be a concert pianist," the father said.

"[And] he has a good set of lungs."

At 57cm, the child's length put him at the 99.6th percentile of newborn boys. "We are not that tall ourselves, so we are not sure where his size has come from. At the moment we are thinking he's probably just a big baby," his dad said.

It is the mother's second boy - her first was also a big lad, weighing 5.4kg.

In the final month of her latest pregnancy, doctors had predicted that the mum's second son would be born close to 6.35kg, but he surpassed even those estimates. 

The new baby will bypass the regular newborn nappies, which generally fit children until they are 5kg. He can go straight to the third size up, called crawler, as they fit children weighing between 6kg and 11kg.

According to NZ Ministry of Health growth charts, the baby is more than double the average weight of a newborn boy and weighs about the same as a 20-week-old baby.


The child's length and weight would soon see him in clothes for six-month-old babies, which fit children between 6 and 8kg.

The average birth weight in family's area is around 3.33kg.

Post-birth care for particularly large babies often involves maintaining their blood sugar and regular feeding. If the baby requires additional care, this can be provided in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

In the Guiness Book of Records the heaviest baby was recorded at a little over 10kg, and was born to Anna Bates in 1879.