Rainbow drawing scavenger hunt spreads cheer in communities worldwide

Photos: Google and Twitter
Photos: Google and Twitter 

Parents worldwide are struggling to explain to their children what the coronavirus is, and why they can't participate in their usual activities.

Despite this, people are finding creative ways to spread cheer in their own communities, and to help keep kids feel positive during the global pandemic.

Similar to the 'put your teddy bears in your window' initiative, photos are emerging online from countries all over the world of kids drawing colourful rainbows and displaying them in their windows for people walking past to see.

mother in the UK tweeted a photo of the drawings that her kids had drawn, accompanied by colourful signs such as "don't worry," "we'll get through this,"  and "stay safe."

There was also an adorable sign thanking delivery drivers and postmen.

The rainbow trend has caught on in the United States, where kids are going on scavenger hunts with their family, depending on the social distancing and isolation rules in their area.


My rainbow hopefully raises a smile. So pleased to live in a good village community . #rainbow

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News reporter TaRhonda Thomas tweeted pictures of a family in her neighbour that were on a hunt to find the rainbow drawings.


"Quality Time: Spotted this cute family doing a scavenger hunt in Queen Village!" she tweeted. "People put up photos of rainbows… a Facebook group maps them… and the kids have to spot them"

Another tweet in Italy showed children with their giant colourful signs captioned: "Italian children in forced quarantine are spending their time painting rainbows (with the caption "everything's gonna be alright") on sheets to hang outside"

The tweet said the adorable signs were to "remind people not to lose hope"

Google Maps is helping out with the hunt too, by creating a map that shows all the houses participating. Individuals that want to be involved can access the map and add their homes to it to so they can be apart of the fun.

Most of the countries participating countries are the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Canada, so far Australia just have one rainbow connection mapped - in Hobart, Tasmania.

But I'm sure we'll see more rainbow scavenger hunts popping up soon!