Premature baby delivered when mum was in coma has died

Carrie and Nick, with Neaveh, Lelia and baby Jez.
Carrie and Nick, with Neaveh, Lelia and baby Jez.  Photo: GoFundMe

Life Lynn DeKlyen was born prematurely after her cancer-stricken mother was put into coma. Now just 10 days after her mum passed away, she too has lost her battle.

Born at 24 weeks and five days premature, Life Lynn was born via emergency c-section in a move made by doctors at the University of Michigan Hospital to try and save both her life and her mums.

The tiny baby's mum, Carrie DeKlyen had stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme, a lethal brain cancer.

The mother of six children was diagnosed with the disease in April and found out she was pregnant two weeks later.

She decided not to have chemotherapy in an attempt to give her unborn baby a chance of life. While chemotherapy could have extended her life and shrunk the tumour, the effects on babies in the first trimester are yet to be tested and could have caused her to miscarry.

But devastatingly, the stress of pregnancy on her body was too much and weeks later she had a stroke, before being placed in a coma. At the same time Life Lynn was struggling, so doctors brought her into the world earlier than planned weighing 566 grams.

A few days later Carrie's breathing and feeding tubes were removed and she passed away.

At the time, her husband Nick Deklyen said: "My wife loves the Lord and she loves her children more than anything".

"It's painful. But this is what she wanted. She wanted to protect this child."


Now the family is dealing with the death of the baby she so desperately tried to save.

In a Facebook post on the family's Cure 4 Carrie page, Carrie's sister-in-law Sonya wrote an update for followers.

"It is with great sadness and a absolutely broken heart that I tell you Life Lynn passed last night," she wrote.

"Carrie is now rocking her baby girl.

"I have no explanation of why this happened, but I do know Jesus loves us and someday we will know why.

"The grief we feel is almost unbearable, please be praying for our family."


Just hours earlier the family had shared images of the little girl being gently held by her father.

The family will bury little Life Lynn with her mum.