Parents separated from newborn quads for eight days by 'freak' snowstorm: 'It was absolutely brutal'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

As if having quadruplets wasn't stressful enough, US parents Starlyn and Bill Cafferata had to spend more than a week away from their newborn babies due to the 'freak' snowstorm in Texas.

The couple, who also have a daughter Zoe, two, welcomed the quads - daughters Lennon, Stella and Francesca and son Enzo, late last month, at just 31 weeks.

While the pair, who live 65km away planned to visit the NICU often, the weather left them unable to leave their home for eight days.

"The roads weren't drivable," Bill, told Today Parents. "I pulled my truck out of the driveway and got stuck for three hours. It was just a frozen ice wreck."

"It was absolutely brutal, that feeling that you can't get to your kids," Starlyn added. "The nurses and staff were incredible, FaceTiming us and calling. But not being able to hold them was brutal."

It was an emotional reunion when they were finally able to visit, with Bill filming the moment Starlyn burst into tears upon seeing them, uploading the clip to TikTok. 

Many fellow mums commented on the video to share their own stories of being separated from their babies. 

"I know that exact feeling! When our daughter was in NICU in December our son got COVID and we couldn't see her for 10 days, we had been exposed to him," said one.


"My twins were in the NICU for 35 days and I missed one day and I think about it all the time. I can't imagine eight days!," added another.

While they already have Francesca and Lennon at home, they're waiting for Stella and Enzo to grow a bit bigger and stronger before they can leave the NICU. 

And Starlyn commented to share the family were all doing well since being reunited.

"It was incredibly rough but they're doing so good and I'm snuggling them as I type! It's all over now."