Outrage over anti-vaccination booth at health expo


Organisers of a health expo have received hate mail after agreeing to allow an anti-vaccination group to exhibit at the event.

Organiser of the Sunshine Coast Healthy Lifestyle Expo, Annie Infinite, told the Sunshine Coast Daily that she has received so many threats since the Australian Vaccination-Sceptics Network had rented a booth at the event, she has had to call police.

Messages to the Expo have included "you should just die for supporting her" and "we are going to take you all down, all you natural therapist c****."

More than 500 people have signed a petition for the expo to ban the AVN, but Ms Infinite is standing by her decision, saying she will only cancel the booth if given instructions by an official authority.

Australian Medical Association Queensland branch councillor Wayne Herdy was highly critical of the expo’s position.  

“The scientific argument in favour of vaccination so far outweighs any illogical irrational hysterical argument anti-vaccine lobby will generate," he said.

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