One in 15 million: Couple welcome identical quadruplets

Photo/Facebook - Thompson Identical Quads
Photo/Facebook - Thompson Identical Quads 

A US couple are now the proud parents of five children under two after welcoming identical quadruplets last week. Conceived naturally, doctors say the baby girls are a one in 15 million occurrence.

Taylor Becher, mum to 21-month-old Linden, gave birth to Sawyer, Kennedy, Lakely and Aurora via c-section at 31 weeks and six days on 11 March. 

The largest, Sawyer, was born at three pounds, three ounces, (1.4 kg) while baby Lakely was the tiniest at two pounds, 10 ounces (1.1kg).

"She was growth restricted throughout my whole pregnancy," Ms Becher, 28, told TODAY Parents. "Then, she was the only baby who didn't need any breathing assistance!"

Ms Becher and her partner of three years, Lance Thompson, have documented their journey on Facebook after discovering they'd soon be going from a family-of-three to a family-of-seven. 

"It started off as twins," she said. "Then all of a sudden, my OB was like, 'No. There's three."

When their doctor found a fourth heart beat, however, the stay-at-home mum burst into tears.

"I was scared of having so many babies inside of me," she said, adding that she knew having high-order multiples can be high-risk.


"There were times where I would Google and stress myself out, but Lance would talk me down," Ms Becher said. "He would say, 'Everything is going to work out.'"

All four babies are currently in the NICU where they are likely to remain for the next month. And while big brother Linden hasn't been able to visit due to the coronavirus, Ms Becher can't wait for them to meet.

"Before the babies were born, I'd say, 'Do you want to give your sisters a kiss?'" she said. "And he'd kiss my belly!"

To help alleviate some of the costs, friends of the pair have established a fundraiser as the couple prepare for life with five little ones.

"Taylor will be travelling to and from the hospital weekly/daily as she will need to be home with her 21-month-old as well," the page reads. "They will need 4x the baby items and LOTS of diapers! They just recently had to purchase a new vehicle that would accommodate 5 car seats!  We would LOVE to alleviate as much stress as we can for this family."

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