Neighbour complains after hearing crying baby across the street: 'Annoying habit'

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Picture: Getty Images 

No one enjoys having to listen to a crying baby - least of all the parents.

And after one-hour-too-many of hearing the sound reverberate from the walls, many try to soothe bub outside in the hope a change of scene may jolt them into silence. 

Unfortunately for one couple, this method has drawn the ire of a neighbour, who wrote out a note to alert them it was disturbing their peace

Writing to Reddit, the neighbour said he'd had enough of hearing the baby - who was diagonally across the street from them.

"They have this annoying habit of taking it when it's crying outside where it cries for an hour or more," he wrote.

"I sent them an anonymous letter asking them to please keep it inside and not annoy everyone in a three house radius."

"Hi, congrats on your kid! I wanted to ask of you could please keep the crying baby inside. We hear it cry from quite far away. Thanks for considering it neighbour," the note read. 

Continuing to say he 'got that kids cry', he was aggrieved the parents hadn't made it 'more manageable' for neighbours. 

After the parents then began doorknocking surrounding houses to find the letter's author, and stern words from his wife, the man said while he'd felt it was a 'harmless suggestion to offer', he questioned if he'd been in the wrong. 


Opinions on Reddit were sharply divided. While some argued neighbours shouldn't have to hear any noise from nearby kids, others argued the parents probably had limited options and he should show more compassion. 

"If it's one parent at a time, they may be giving the other parent a brief respite from the noise. Or trying to get some fresh air. If the baby has colic they could be going crazy and need to get a change if scenery," suggested one. 

"It's not like they brought the baby into your house. They're outside, WITH the baby. They're not abandoning it. I'd be p***ed off too. You don't wanna hear kids? Don't move into a neighbourhood with families," argued another. 

"I'm sure the parents don't particularly enjoy the sound of their baby crying either. But they exist, and people are allowed to have babies. Not much you can do, dude!," another chimed in. 

Others took issue with raising the issue via an anonymous note. 

"If OP had had the conversation with them they may have understood why they are doing this," said one.

"​If you are going to write something like that, have the balls to sign it. Or better yet, just say it to their faces directly. Especially when you call their child 'it'," said another. 

However others sided with the man, saying he shouldn't be punished for other people having children. 

"NO ONE likes the sound of a screaming baby, especially if it's not your own," said one.

"The difference between the parents and everyone else in the neighbourhood is that they signed up for all the crying when they decided to have the baby, while the neighbours didn't," argued another.