My sister wants to call her twins Ross and Rachel - and I think it's a terrible idea


When Jenna's sister told her she was planning to call her twins Ross and Rachel, Jenna thought she was joking.

She wasn't.

"I know that as a sister I don't really get the say in this," Jenna wrote in post to Reddit. "I know she can name them whatever she wants to but it seems like a very bad idea to me. I mean the names itself aren't bad, but together? Everyone's always gonna think of THE Ross and Rachel when they hear it," she continues.

" And they were dating I mean seriously?"

Jenna added that her sister really wants names that start with R. "I even suggested many different R names but she got mad at me and said it's none of my business... I mean I know it isn't ... but don't I have the right to state my opinion?"

Now, Jenna's sister isn't speaking to her.

"Was I the A--hole for telling her what I think?" she asked Reddit.

Redditors were torn on the names but united on one point - ultimately it's her sister's choice. 

"The names remind me of Friends but it isn't like she is calling them Moonunit and Dweezle. At the end of the day they are fine names and while you're concern is genuine it is her decision," one commenter wrote.


"Friends ended 16 years ago. It isn't relevant anymore and by the time the kids get to the point of being in school it will be 20 years. Yeah maybe some of the mums or grandparents might raise an eyebrow but the kids will have no idea," said another.

"What kid nowadays even knows who Ross and Rachel are?"

Some, however, said it was definitely an odd choice.

"There's something incredibly icky about naming siblings especially twins after a famous COUPLE. Just eww."

"What's weird to me is, Ross and Rachel were on and off lovers. They weren't just friends."


As far as twin names go, they're far from the worst, however. Redditors also shared some of the combinations they'd come across in their lives - and they're quite something. 

  • Tasha and Natasha. 
  • Mary Anna and Anna Mary.
  • Kaylie and Kylie,
  • Michael and Mikhail
  • Alex and Xander.
  • Jalen & Jalon
  • Mia and Mya
  • Tina and Mina
  • Romeo and Juliet.

That said, Corona and COVID still win - hands down.