'My baby is perfectly healthy': Mum shamed for 'KFC smash'

Image/Kayla Frizzell
Image/Kayla Frizzell  

Mum shamers are everywhere, but nowhere is their wrath felt more than on social media. One mum has learnt the hard way that even an innocent and adorable photo can receive backlash.

Kayla Frizzell, a photographer who staged a photoshoot for her baby's first birthday, received some serious criticism from mums online for showing her daughter with a large bucket of KFC chicken - her own take on the more traditional "cake smash" photograph.

"Mia's early One year old 'cake' smash. If you know me, you know I LOVE KFC so it was only fitting to swap a cake out for some chicken!" she posted.

"Turns out she loves KFC and doesn't love to share it, haha!" the mum and photographer added.

The adorable photo shows little Mia dressed immaculately in a rust-coloured pinafore and white shirt with a white headband, in several different poses near a bucket of KFC fried chicken.

But, of course, it wasn't long before the criticism started flowing. Ms Frizzell then edited the caption of the photo to include: "After receiving some horrible messages about my daughter's 'size' I would like to add that she is perfectly healthy and very well fed.

"The KFC is for prop purposes only, and her father and I enjoyed eating it all once the shoot was over. Please keep the negative comments to yourself."

In response to a comment on the from someone who said they didn't see anything wrong with the photoshoot, Ms Frizzell said: "It was a sad moment having to write it, realising how awful some women can be and reading some of the horrible comments, even saying that I'm a bad mom for having a bone near a one-year-old."

Ms Frizzell also pointed out how silly it was that someone commented on her daughter's size, "yet if she was doing it as a 'normal cake smash' no one would have batted an eyelid."

The lesson here is, when it comes to parenting, sadly it's often best to just keep "mum"!