Mum-to-be 'embarrassed' by husband's behaviour when doctor reveals unborn baby's gender

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Picture: Getty Images 

Gender disappointment is real.

And according to some studies, can affect up to a quarter of new parents, though for most this passes once the baby is born.

But for one dad on Reddit, his reaction to finding out he was having a girl went far beyond disappointment - embarrassing everyone involved.

As the mum-to-be wrote, he'd gone as far as swearing the ultrasound must have been wrong and refused to believe the result until their baby was born, dismissing the test as 'inaccurate'. 

Explaining that her husband had repeatedly sworn it was 'guaranteed' to be a boy leading up to the ultrasound, he then accused their doctor of making a mistake when told it was a girl.

"Once the doctor said it was a girl. My husband's face went red. He stared at the doctor then started asking if she was sure 15 times. He asked if she was sure this wasn't a 'recording' footage of her previous patient which made me feel embarrassed bc this was a dumb question," she said.

"He has zero idea how ultrasound works. Doctor laughed. But he asked her to check again and even tried to act smart to point out that it's actually a boy but the doctor got it wrong. I told him to stop but he started lashing out blatantly saying he wasn't expecting this and was in fact disappointed with the results."

He even went as far as telling the doctor they would be getting a second opinion because he knew it was a boy.

"I waited til we got home. I lashed at him and told him he had no right to speak to the doctor like that and waste her time by getting her to check repeatedly. I said he embarrassed me and he lashed back saying he has a right to express how he felt and that he was disappointed."


He then called his mum to vent, and after receiving texts from her mother-in-law, the woman packed her things and went to stay with her own mother. 

"He started texting saying Ultrasound wasn't a good idea. But he'll just wait till our baby's born to find out since tests can't be 100 per cent sure anyway. Said he wasn't trying to blame me for being pregnant with a girl but how I reacted to his re-action. He planned to have one kid and that's it. Preferably a boy but it didn't happen so he was disappointed."

Unfortunately for the woman, even her own family had sided with her husband, saying his reaction was 'understandable'. Thankfully, Reddit users defended her, calling her husband sexist and selfish. 

"He's throwing a hissy fit and insulting medical professionals because of his own sexism and ignorance, but he's pretending that the problem is somehow your response? NTA (not the a**hole)," said one.

"He's not hoping the Dr is wrong. He's decided she's wrong," said another. "Get a second opinion from a male Ob/Gyn and observe how Captain Ghostweiner reacts/behaves/treats him (I know it's weird to see a male Ob but this is about demonstrating that your husband is pretty shamelessly misogynistic). 

"You know your husband throws maximum Henry VIII vibes, right?," another added.

Others shared their concerns over how he would treat their daughter growing up, if he didn't get over his feelings.

"Honestly OP, he sounds exhausting. You're NTA but I would consider this situation carefully, how is he going to treat your daughter? Will he be kid and fair? Or will she know he's disappointed she was born and not a boy?," said one.

"His reaction was not understandable, it was sexist. It makes me concerned for how he is long to treat your daughter as she grows up," said another.