Mum's warning over contaminated baby food

The affected pouch.
The affected pouch. Photo: Facebook

A mother has told how her baby girl spent the night vomiting after eating a contaminated pouch of food purchased at Woolworths.

In a Facebook post, Nikki De Bondt warned other parents not to feed their children the same food and included a photograph showing the "gag worthy" substance she found inside the pouch.

"Contaminated product alert!!" the concerned Brisbane mum wrote in the post on Wednesday. 

Nikki with her daughter Elka.
Nikki with her daughter Elka.  Photo: Facebook

"Hey peeps, a heads up that Ollie and Elka tasted this baby macro organics squeezey pack today. They both gagged and almost vomited.

"I decided to cut it open and squeeze out the contents. OMG it was gag worthy." 

The alarming photograph shows a black mould-like substance mixed in with puree.

Ms De Bondt later posted an update saying her daughter had vomited all night after tasting the contaminated food.


"Elka started vomiting at 8pm ... multiple lose stools throughout the night. Took her to gp yesterday afternoon and we took a stool sample.


"She seemed to be getting better yesterday. Why is it always the night time that things turn to crap?!!!- quite literally!"

Contaminated product alert!! Hey peeps, a heads up that Ollie and Elka tasted this baby macro organics squeezey pack...

Posted by Nikki De Bondt on  Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Ms De Bondt returned the pouch and its contents to her local Woolworths store and was told they would investigate and have the substance tested. 

But she was worried that the product was still on shelves on Friday morning. 

"I'm going to call woollies today to find out why the product is still on the shelf. No parent should go through this when they are aware of an issue like this!!!" Ms De Bondt wrote.

Woolworths has issued a statement saying similar products from the same batch had been removed from shelves while an investigation is being carried out with the supplier.

In 2014 another product from the baby macro organic range was recalled and pulled from supermarket shelves after "foreign matter" was found in the packages.

The Organic Tomato Chicken with Pasta Puree sold between May 1 and June 16, 2014 was found to contain metal.