Mum's unique 'no cot' baby sleep method divides opinions: Teaches independence or too dangerous?

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

It's said that if you want to teach kids self-sufficiency, you should start young.

And for mum Mar Trujillo Gallardo, this means before her daughter has even turned one.

The mum follows the Montessori style of parenting developed by Maria Montessori, which advocates for child-led learning and in setting up their environments to cater to their curiosity.

And for Gallardo, this extends to her eight-month-old's bedroom, where she has ditched a cot in favour of a mattress to teach her more independence. 

Posting a video to TikTok, the mum showed off her tot's room, where she has also set up easily accessible toys that her daughter can play with when she wakes up.

Captioning the video: 'Pros of a Montessori floor bed', Gallardo says it 'Teaches independence, is cheaper, increases mobility,' and that her daughter 'plays independently for a while before alerting us that she is awake'.

The clip has been viewed more than 4.4 million times and while some users praised the idea, many questioned the safety. 

"I would walk in in the morning and my kid would be eating the floor tiles," said one, "I respect your choice to do this but my wild child must remain jailed in her crib for her own safety," added another.


"How do you prevent your kid from getting hurt? The purpose of a crib is to prevent them from getting out, getting trapped under furniture etc," argued a third.

Others suggested that if circumstances were different, it could be considered neglectful parenting.

"But if you were poor you would have CPS (Child Protective Services)," said one. "It's so interesting to see how the literal exact same things can be so different depending on class," agreed another.

One user questioned where the 'independence' trend for kids started. 

"Why are there so many people on TikTok who want their seven-month-olds to be independent. Never known anything like it," they said.

Other features of her 'Montessori-ish' bedroom include a bar over a mirror for the bub to pull herself up on and open shelves for her to explore.

"A set of shelves her height so she can reach all the items on them. Shelving should be open with some toys (not a ton!) on display so that it's inviting for the kiddo to go play," she says in one clip.