Mum's horrific ordeal as peak-hour train leaves with baby inside

Metro Trains
Metro Trains Photo: Penny Stephens

A mother watched in horror as the doors of a Melbourne peak-hour train closed, separating her from her baby and heading for the next station - while she was left on the platform.

Metro Trains Melbourne has confirmed the ordeal at Southern Cross Station, which began when mother and baby were trying to board a Belgrave-bound train at 5.30pm on Friday.

The mother spent four terrifying minutes separated from her child, as the baby travelled to Flagstaff.

A spokesman said the company was reviewing the CCTV footage and speaking to witnesses to work out how it unfolded and could not confirm reports of the train doors first closing on the pram, or the mother's arm.

Panicked commuters inside the train managed to alert the driver, who then relayed the details back to Southern Cross and assured passengers over the speakers that the family would be reunited at the next station, Flagstaff.

The Southern Cross station manager travelled with the mother on the next train to Flagstaff, where she and her baby were reunited.

They were separated by a total of four minutes and about 1 kilometre. The spokesman said the mother was, understandably, relieved at the outcome and had not made a formal complaint.

He said trains were electronically disabled until all doors were fully closed, however small items such as scarves might not trip the circuit.