Mum throws Baby Shark toy out of the window: 'I've had enough'

The viral hit is driving mums crazy.
The viral hit is driving mums crazy. Photo: youtube

Thinking of buying that soap that plays the Baby Shark tune every time you pump?

 Don't don't don't don't don't don't, says one UK mum who sent the offending handwash flying out the bathroom window in a moment of buyer's remorse.

Darlene Roxanne Barnish, from Stoke-on-Trent, took to Parenting group The Motherload to share a photo of the soap in its final resting place - outside the house.

The offending soap in its final resting place.
The offending soap in its final resting place. Photo: Facebook/Darlene Barnish

"Had enough of this s*** already! Don't recommend," Ms Barnish wrote, to which fellow parents responded "WE FEEL YOU."


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Thankfully, her three-year-old is yet to notice its absence. "I'm not surprised because the song is annoying!" Ms Barnish says. "It wouldn't be so bad if the soap didn't go off on its own."

But while her little one might not be missing the singing wash just yet, Ms Barnish concedes that would probably change if she spotted it outside the window. 

"Maybe I should get rid of it permanently," she says.

It's not at all surprising that Pinkfong's smash hit is leading to mass loss of parental sanity.


The song has now been viewed almost 2.8 billion times on YouTube, spawning singing plush toys, a heavy metal version that's arguably better than the original, play doh and a musical.

It also enjoyed a 20-week swim on the Billboard Hot 100 list, making its debut on the charts back in January. Incredibly, the catch little ditty is currently sitting at number 9 on the most viewed YouTube videos of all time, up there with Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Last week, Nickelodeon announced that not only would they be bringing the Shark Family to life in an animated series, but that Shark Merch is also on its way.

Let's hope it's less annoying than the soap.


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