Mum-of-five, including quads, shares glimpse into 'exhausting' daily routine: 'House is destroyed'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Struggling to parent through lockdowns? Spare a thought for mum Dayna, who has four two-year-olds and a five-year-old at home with her. 

The US mum has gained worldwide fame thanks to her regular update of life with five under five on TikTok, showing the chaos of caring for multiple toddlers - Willis, Willow, Otto and Simon, and the logistics of shopping trips. 

But it's a recent clip showing her exhausting daily routine that has people talking, demonstrating just how tiring her every day reality must be. 

"So here is my day in the life with quadruplets and a five-year-old," she begins. "My husband makes the coffee and I make the kids' breakfast so it's ready to go before they're up."

"I wake up my five-year-old, who helps me wake up the quadruplets. And my husband is usually long gone to work by now."

After bringing the four downstairs, Dayna then changes their nappies and feeds them breakfast - before reheating her coffee. After some playtime they have snacks and then she dresses them for the day, saying at this point: "There's usually a tantrum and the house is destroyed."

Then they all go back upstairs for their nap, which is when she makes their lunch, before they have another nappy change and eat. "They play some more then we take them outside and then another snack time – usually another tantrum by now," she continues.

"And then I order out dinner because I'm too tired. And then we hang out some more and then it's back upstairs for bedtime." 

Photos: TikTok

Photos: TikTok

Many users couldn't believe how labour intensive her day was. 

"I'd be too scared to get out of bed. Y'all can have the house," said one. "I ain't scared of dying, i'm scared of this," declared another. "You're running your own daycare for no pay," argued a third.

Others, however, felt the mum was probably downplaying how difficult her day really was, pointing out she'd skipped over bath time and getting her kids to sleep. And asked how she managed to fit in cleaning and other basic tasks. 

"You actually made this sound way less challenging that I bet it actually is!," said one. "I know this was downplayed. There's absolutely no way your day wasn't more chaotic than that!," added another. 

In a follow-up video, Dayna shows their bath time routine, starting by gathering nappies and supplies, she then puts the four youngest in the bath before washing each and asking her eldest, Lincoln, to help entertain them. 

She then dries and puts nappies on each, before they have a little play time until her husband gets home to wish them good night. 

Dayna - we salute you.