Mums furious after daycare staff wax toddlers' eyebrows

Two mums are furious after their toddlers' eyebrows were allegedly waxed at daycare.
Two mums are furious after their toddlers' eyebrows were allegedly waxed at daycare. Photo: Facebook

US authorities have launched an investigation into a childcare facility after workers allegedly waxed the eyebrows of two toddlers at the centre, leaving their mothers fuming.

Mum Alyssa Salgado took to Facebook after collecting her two-year-old from Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties in Pasco, Florida. The centre provides child care and early learning for children of parents who attend New Horizons Alternative High School.

"I take my daughter to the CBC Daycare to be cared for while I'm at school trying to focus on graduating," the 19-year-old wrote, explaining that when she picked her toddler up on Friday she noticed a red mark in between her eyebrows. " I think it's a scratch," she wrote, "but as soon as I get home I get a closer look ...These women decided to wax my daughter's unibrow."

Ms Salgado immediately contacted the director of the centre via text message, only to be given "multiple excuses". "Then this morning," she wrote, "I take my daughter in person to the director. She laughs in my face telling me a bunch of lies." Adding that the workers had no right to touch her little girl, Ms Salgado said, " I birthed my daughter and love every little thing about her and these so called women took it upon themselves to correct the way my daughter should look."

Furious, the mother-of-one noted that her little one wasn't the only child whose eyebrows were allegedly waxed at the centre. "I will not let this get unnoticed," she said. "I would like this to get out. Imagine if this was your son or daughter and if they were waxing them, imagine how much pain you would be in." Ms Salgado added that she felt she had "failed" her daughter.

"I can imagine her calling out 'mummy' and I wasn't there to protect her," she said.

The young mum told PEOPLE, that the impact on her daughter wasn't just psychological - the little girl also experienced an allergic reaction to the wax . "On Saturday is when it hit her hard," Ms Salgado said. "She had an allergic reaction. Her skin was covered in red pockets of pus. She was crying and saying,  'Mummy, owie. Mummy, owie,' and pointed to her forehead."

Fellow mum Glenda Maria Cruz, also took to Facebook claiming that her son's eyebrows had been waxed by centre staff. "I really didn't wanna make this a big deal but today my life changed," she wrote. "Wtf were this ladys from son's daycare were thinking to wax his eyebrows." 


Ms Cruz also shared details of the moment she and Ms Salgado confronted the centre director. "All she said was that she talked to her staff and they all say they didn't do it." Ms Cruz claimed that the director also told her that no one was "forcing" her to use the centre.

"For me I feel like this is a warning," Ms Cruz wrote, "like they did this what's next?" Distraught, the mama shared that she'd been left feeling like a bad mum, "because I can't protect him when he needs me the most and it sucks feeling this way."

In a statement posted to Facebook on Saturday, the centre noted that they had launched an investigation into the incident. "The Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties is investigating a parent complaint at our childcare centre operated for the Pasco School District at Columbia Basin College,' they said.

"The Boys & Girls Club takes these allegations seriously and will work to support the investigation process."

Officials from the Washington Department of Early Learning, the licensing agency for childcare centre, have also launched an investigation. Assistant director Frank Ordway, told Tri-city Herald that the complaint was "unusual" but that he was unable to comment further on the details.

Ms Salagdo has since withdrawn her daughter from the centre, and is now unable to attend her classes due to having no other childcare available. "I just want them to figure out who did this to my daughter," she told Tri-city Herald "I don't feel comfortable leaving my children there."