Mother and baby separated while boarding train

A Metro train.
A Metro train. Photo: Supplied

A mother has spent 15 minutes separated from her baby after the doors of a Metro train closed, leaving her infant alone in a pram on the carriage in yet another case of parent-child separation on Melbourne's public transport.

The terrifying ordeal began at 6.09pm on Thursday when the mother tried to board a Glen Waverley-bound train from Burnley station with her baby.

While the exact circumstances are still being reviewed, the doors have closed with the pram in the carriage and the mother left on the platform.

Protective Services Officers took care of the baby when it arrived at Heyington station. The pair was reunited at 6.24pm after the mother boarded the next train at Burnley.

It follows a similar incident at Southern Cross station in May, in which a mother and child spent four minutes separated as the baby travelled to Flagstaff station in the care of concerned and panicked passengers.

It sparked a wave of public concern about safety on station platforms, which heightened when Metro Trains' safety boss Anthony Fewster revealed parent-child separations happened about once a fortnight on Melbourne's network.

Metro later clarified the rate included separations within the stations, not just on trains.

"It's definitely too many," Mr Fewster said at the time. "We want to keep people as safe as we possibly can [and] we've seen the trend go down in relation to train doors, etc, in the last six months."

Figures obtained by The Age last month showed Melbourne's separation rate was higher than in other states. On the Sydney metro system parents and children were separated just three times last financial year.

In most other states, rail authorities say separations occur relatively rarely.

Only Brisbane reports a figure closer to Melbourne's, with an average of one separation every 5½ weeks.