Morning sickness costs mum-to-be a share of $46m

Biggest loser ... Louise Whitby missed a share of a lotto jackpot.
Biggest loser ... Louise Whitby missed a share of a lotto jackpot. 

Morning sickness has lost a mum-to-be a share of more than a $46 million lottery jackpot in the UK.

For two years, Louise Whitby had paid a weekly fee of $4.65 to be in a syndicate with 10 of her colleagues at a Merseyside recruitment firm.

But last week she was off work sick, suffering from morning sickness, and wasn’t able to contribute.

She says she’d asked a workmate to pay her share for her, but they hadn’t gone through with it.

Then, after returning to work on the day of the draw, she’d told her colleagues that she still wanted to be part of the syndicate. 

“I said I still wanted to pay in, but they said I should just buy some lucky dips with the money instead,” Whitby told the Mail Online.

That night, last Tuesday, the syndicate’s numbers came up, netting the group members around $4.65 million (£2.8 million) each in the EuroMillions lottery.

Since then, the team members - who have chosen to remain anonymous - have said they won’t be sharing their winnings with her.

“They’ve said I can’t have a penny – it’s unbelievable,” Whitby said.


“I was away because I’m pregnant with my first child. It doesn’t get worse than that.

“I don’t think I can face working there ever again.”

If Whitby had been part of the group, each member would have won $4.14 million.

According to news reports, Whitby and the 10 syndicate members are the only employees at the office. Her other colleagues have yet to return to work after last week’s win.

A furious and disappointed Whitby has hired a solicitor in an attempt to get a share of the money.

“That money will never buy them happiness,” she said

“I considered them my friends, but I can never speak to them again.”

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