'I felt helpless': mother-of-three stunned after stranger spits on her baby

Louise Boyce and Inca
Louise Boyce and Inca Photo: Instagram

A mum was left horrified after a stranger spat on her baby when she was waiting in line at the supermarket.

Louise Boyce, who lives in London, claims the woman turned around and spat on her 11-month-old daughter Inca, when she was lining up with her two other children.

Taking to Instagram to write about the "shocking" incident, Boyce says the woman "was (allegedly) under the influence of drugs and alcohol spat on my baby in her pram for absolutely no reason."

"That incredible mothering instinct to want to protect my kids as well as wanting to fight this woman was so overpowering - yet I felt helpless," she wrote. 

"Fighting back tears pretending all was ok to my older kids is a power in itself."


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Worldwide, people are being urged to practice social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19, making the stranger's actions even more horrifying.

Boyce called the National Health Service hotline, who advised her to look out for Coronavirus symptoms such as fever, rash and diarrhoea which are all the same symptoms for teething.

"So, looks like we'll be self-isolating just as the bars and restaurants open," she continued in the post, adding that 'Inca had already had two baths tonight'.


"I'm on my second glass of wine," she quipped.


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"I want to thank everyone who works at the Sainsburys local on Clapham high street for keeping me calm, for phoning the police and for giving me a free bottle of wine and baby wipes - as well as all the customers who said they'd be a witness and tried to make my kids laugh."

Appalled users commented on the post, shocked that someone could do that to a person, let alone a baby.

"Forget Covid. Why would someone do that on a good day? I'm stunned," one user commented.

"This is absolutely horrendous!" another agreed. "Well done you for keeping it together and not killing that woman. You deserve that wine."


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Boyce later posted a video to TikTok, thanking people for their support.

"I want to say thank you for your lovely kind words" she said, adding that thankfully, no one in her family is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

"They tried to find this lady, but the CCTV wasn't strong enough" she continued "but the main thing is we're fine".