Husband under fire for leaving pregnant wife at hospital to go to work

The woman was furious when he left her to go to work.
The woman was furious when he left her to go to work. Photo: Getty Images

A man is under fire after he left his pregnant wife in labour at hospital, in order to attend a work emergency.

Writing on Reddit, the man explained that he's a firefighter, and he was at the hospital with his wife who was due to give birth when he got a call from the station.

"[They] asked me to come since there was a fire and they needed as much firemen possible," he explained. "I told my wife I was leaving for an emergency and immediately went to the fire station."

"After we dealt with the fire, I went back to the hospital and my wife had gone into labour," he said.  "I rushed to the labour room but i wasn't allowed and her mother was there to help and comfort her while she gave birth."

The man missed the birth of his child.

The man missed the birth of his child. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"After she gave birth, she was mad at me for leaving her by telling her instead of asking her," he concluded the post, before asking the online community "AITA (Am I The A—hole) for leaving the hospital?"

Redditors were outraged.

Although many acknowledged that a fire isn't exactly something that can be predicted, he could have organised someone to cover him so he could be there for his wife - or at least been more sensitive about leaving.

"He's definitely [the a—hole] for telling her rather than talking to her and making the decision together," pointed out one user, with many agreeing.

"Giving birth is a medical procedure where something could have gone horribly wrong with your wife and/or child," exclaimed another.

"You're also TA (the a--hole) because you know your job and should have planned this out weeks ago!"

"I already guessed the reason before you mentioned it. Your pregnant wife was hospitalised, and instead of spending even two minutes talking to her you informed her you were abandoning her to be alone and scared," said a user. "Of course you're the a--hole here."