How to Dad wants to be the Green Wiggle - here's his audition tape

How to Dad is ready to be the Green Wiggle.
How to Dad is ready to be the Green Wiggle. Photo: YouTube/How to Dad

Popular Kiwi YouTuber, How to Dad (aka Jordan Watson) thinks Aussie superstars Emma, Anthony, Lachy and Simon are missing a "Green Wiggle". And he believes he's the perfect man for the skivvy.

In his latest clip, Watson, who has almost 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, posted an audition video for the coveted job, showcasing his knowledge of The Wiggles' back catalogue and his impressive dance moves.

We see Watson tackle "The propeller", accidentally taking out his daughter in the process, and attempt to teach his girls the "correct" pronunciation of "dance".

The dad has some suggestions around how to make some of the songs more educational:

Wake up Jeff! You forgot to get your kids from school

Wake up Jeff! Your baby's leaking poop everywhere

And notes some fundamental problems with fan favourite "The Wheels on the Bus", due to "heavy traffic and ongoing infrastructure issues".

Watson brings his audition home by highlighting that despite their name, the Wiggles don't actually do much wiggling.

"I do a mean as Wiggle," he says, before reaching peak dad by pulling a back muscle.

So did he get the job?
Well, no, not yet. But the Wiggles are keen to talk.
"Thank you for your submission," the group responded on Facebook. "Your singing and dancing receive top marks but we might need to have a talk about your pronunciation of 'dance' and work on a more peaceful way of performing 'Do The Propeller'. Expect our call the next time we're in NZ!"
Needless to say, Watson is pretty stoked with the feedback. "What legends," He wrote. "Holy crap.The Wiggles people saw my audition video - yeah, apparently I need to scrub up on a few things but this could be my big break! Endless fruit salad, big fancy red cars, hot potatoes on demand... Life is almost complete.
"Hollywood / Somewhere in Australia.. HERE I COME!"