Get ready to Wiggle (and pirouette!) - Wiggles team with The Australian Ballet

Get ready to Wiggle (and pirouette!) - Wiggles team with The Australian Ballet
Get ready to Wiggle (and pirouette!) - Wiggles team with The Australian Ballet Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK

Get ready to jete for joy! The Wiggles have teamed up with The Australian Ballet to bring tiny dancers a brand new special: The Wiggles' Big Ballet Day! 

And it's tutu good to miss!

The collaboration features Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony attending a ballet performance along with a new character: "Shirley Shawn the Unicorn". With 26 fresh tunes including the catchy new release "The Toilet Song." (to help kids plan their trip to the loo at the theatre), it promises to provide an "unforgettable foray into ballet, with a wide variety of musical styles that reflect the diversity of this wonderful artform."

"We hope this brand new and fun Wiggly music inspires the child listeners' imagination to dress up like the characters in the songs and express themselves through their own form of ballet," said Blue Wiggle Anthony Field. "We really enjoyed making this DVD and I think the joy shows through, so we hope the young and older listeners love it too."

There's also a very catchy number "The Alphabet Ballet", which helps budding dancers Arabesque, Balancé and Changement their little hearts out, all while learning the ABC.


"We had such an amazing time entering The Wiggles' world during our joint ballet adventure," says David McAllister AM, Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet. "It really was a joy to work with one of the world's most admired and beloved children's entertainment groups. Our dancers (some of whom have their own kids and are huge fans) loved the opportunity to take part in new songs like 'The Alphabet Ballet', and I even got to make a guest appearance!

"I hope our collaboration introduces a whole new generation of Wiggles fans to the love of ballet."

The album is already available and receiving rave reviews from fans.

"Brise in the breeze turns my daughter into a ballerina every time!" said one mum.

"This album has some great songs," said another. "It gets kids into dancing at a young age, it teaches little boys that ballet isn't just for girls and it introduces a brand new character and I for one truly believe that this album will be a big hit with kids."

You can buy the DVD and watch the special online from 27 March or pre-order a copy now