Get a Wiggle on: adult Wiggles t-shirts are here

Get a Wiggle on! Adults Wiggles tees are here.
Get a Wiggle on! Adults Wiggles tees are here. Photo: Facebook

Mums and dads, if you've ever dreamed of shaking your sillies out in a Wiggles tee, or twinning with your little Wiggler, then do we have some good news for you. Adult-sized Wiggles t-shirts are now available for pre-order at the ABC shop in a range of sizes. Don't walk - WIGGLE!

The Wiggles made the big announcement on their Facebook page on Thursday night - and parents are oh-so excited. Given fans of the original crew, who formed in 1991, are starting to have their own bubs, it's the perfect way to keep the Wiggles love alive.

For one commenter, the release of the tees has solved a Christmas party costume dilemma - just in time. "Yas!" she wrote. "I have a dress up party in December and we're going as The Wiggles and hadn't been able to find Wiggles adult tops anywhere. Great thing to see today!"
Others were left pondering the very crucial question: "What Colour Wiggle Are You?" (You can always take this  Buzz Feed quiz if you can't decided between Bowtiful Emma in yellow or Sleepy Lachy in purple. That said, why not get both for that Wiggly Couple look.)

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But it's not just Aussie fans getting excited about the prospect of Wiggly dress-ups. "I️ don't even care that shipping to the USA was $40!!!" one woman wrote. "Can't wait to give the Emma set to my daughter for Christmas and wear the purple and blue adult shirts as a family!"
The news was also welcomed by parents of Wiggles fans with special needs. "OMG my 23 year old Down Syndrome son will be so excited," one mum shared.
With the Wiggly Christmas tour around Australia kicking off on 18 November, many parents added that they knew exactly what they'd all be wearing while doing the propeller and dancing to Go Santa Go! over the next few weeks. ( There are still a few tickets remaining if you haven't purchased yours yet).
T-shirts are $27.26 for adults and $18.17 for kids. But you'd better Ready Steady Wiggle because they're selling like hot potatoes.