Five-year-old girl's hilariously-scathing assessment of her new baby brother

Photo: Renee Shaw / Twitter
Photo: Renee Shaw / Twitter 

It's an absolute truth in life that siblings can loathe each other just for existing. Sometimes this can be particularly true when kids meet their newborn sibling for the very first time - just ask five-year-old Harper.

It could have gone one of two ways when the little girl from Glasgow, Scotland was taken to the hospital by her 18-year-old aunt Renee to meet her new baby brother Carter.

Photo: Skye Masson / Renee Shaw / Facebook / Twitter

Photo: Skye Masson / Renee Shaw / Facebook / Twitter

With mum Skye Masson, 26, tucked up in bed with her new baby, the youngster could have turned to mush at the sight of the gorgeous navy-and-white-clad newborn, but instead she uttered the ultimate clapback for just being born, saying, "Look at the state of him."

The video of Harper's matter-of-fact - and very scathing - reaction to her new brother, spoken in an adorable Scottish accent no less, was posted to Twitter by Ms Shaw, where it has gone viral with more than 308,000 views.

It's accompanied by the caption, "Listen closely to see what Harper thinks of her new baby brother" as there is a lot of ambient noise in the room and you really have to listen to hear it.

Twitter users were unanimous in their amusement.

One commented, "I [don't know] why, but I heard 'We're getting rid of him'"


Another wrote, "Iconic."

Ans another still thought she said it "politely" though I think most of us can recognise an expert roast when we hear it.

The good news is that Harper reportedly loves her little brother. Shaw told The Daily Mail, "I was shocked when Harper said that about her baby brother and Skye was shocked also. But now Harper adores her baby brother and cannot wait until he is home."

And by the looks of it, Harper has been eagerly awaiting her little brother.