First Father's Day ideas

Celebrating dads ... Breakfast in bed or some time in the park with the kids can help him have a special day.
Celebrating dads ... Breakfast in bed or some time in the park with the kids can help him have a special day. 

This Sunday families around Australia will be celebrating Father’s Day - in fact, there will be millions of them, as one in every five Australians is a dad! Here are 10 gift ideas from Essential Baby members, and some information on what gifts are being bought online in the lead up to the day.

Essential Baby members’ ideas

  • “I got a frame that had two spaces for a photo. I put a photo of the two of them in one side and our daughter’s handprints in the other.” (Her_mum)
  • “Breakfast in bed, and from the littlies I found an old-school bottle opener he'll love. I'm getting him night vision goggles … although he'll need to pry them from my hands.” (slvhwke)
  • “For my dad, I got him a prawn peeler! Yep, it's a gizmo that peels prawns – he’s one of those people that has everything. For my husband, he will get something from daycare, and he wants breakfast in bed: croissants with nutella, strawberries and banana, and he wants to go out for a coffee.” (Bubbatime)
  • “I'm definitely doing something with salt dough over the weekend while hubby is working.” (~shannon~)
  • “When my son was 7 months, I did handprints and footprints with poster paint and put it in a nice frame. The next year he painted a picture, and I framed it. For the next one they had a day out together, and I got a nice photo of the pair of them.” (Pium)
  • “For each [Mother’s Day/Father’s Day] we write a letter telling each other all the good things about how we are as parents and what we've enjoyed during the year – eg, he tells me how he loves seeing me read to our son, or I tell him how I love watching him play guitar/drums with our son, and how much fun it is to hear our son trying to warble Pink Floyd songs.” (Pium)
  • “I got him some engraved cufflinks with the boys' names on them.” (dinosauraus)
  • “For my husband’s first Father's Day, I took a photo of our daughter and had it professionally framed with a plaque saying ‘Happy 1st Father's Day’ and the date.” (chelli)
  • “Gifts are limited to things like the Father's day stall at school, or things like some choccies and handmade cards. Then we try and do some sort of family day, and I make sure I get some photos of him with the girls.” (Julie3Girls)
  • “Since Dad loves grilling, we plan to upgrade his tools and get him a new grill.” (cboyd)

What people are shopping for online
McCrindle Research looked at the google trends and what sites people were browsing in the lead-up to Father's Day. They found out the following: 

  • People have been looking for GPS nagivational systems - maybe families are sick of Dad not stopping to ask for directions?
  • More people have been looking at anline store that specialises in soccer, suggesting fitness is a priority.
  • Hardware and outdoors supplies are always popular gifts for dads, and this year has been no exception. A car merchandise supplier has seen the same trend.
  • Lastly, it seems dads may be well shod post-Father's Day - searches for "shoe size conversion" have risen. Imported shoes for all dads?

What will you be doing for Father's Day this year? Join the conversation in the Essential Baby forum.