Firefighters let 'very scared' toddler paint their nails after car accident

Photo: North Davis Fire District
Photo: North Davis Fire District 

A pair of Ohio firefighters have been praised for their "awesome customer service" after letting a frightened girl paint their nails following a car accident.

Two-year-old Braelyn Fernelius was travelling with her pregnant mum, Jocelyn Fernelius, on Friday when their vehicle was hit by another car. 

"Braelyn's screaming, crying," Ms Fernelius told FOX News. "I'm freaking out, because I'm pregnant and because she's in the car." 

While the accident was "minor" little Braelyn, who was on her way to her grandmother's place to paint her nails, was extremely distressed.

"When I walked up, she was screaming really really loud," said North Davis Fire District Captain Kevin Lloyd.

Noticing that Braelyn was still holding the bottles of nail polish, Captain Lloyd asked her about it - and came up with an idea.

"I don't know, I just opened them up," he said.

Captain Lloyd was the first to receive a manicure, with North Davis Fire District Battalion Chief Allen Hadley soon joining in.

"A lot of the colours she wanted was pink and purple," he said. "But, I kind of got feeling that she wanted to keep my hand pink, and his purple."

The makeover helped calm little Braelyn who Captain Lloyd said, "just lit up".

"Every time she switched colours, she would just let out this boisterous laugh and just be excited," Chief Hadley added.

The pop-up nail salon also helped Ms Fernelius relax after the accident. 

"She was just happy," she said of her daughter. It meant a lot. It just made me feel good, and they care."

A photo of Braelyn's handiwork went viral after the fire department shared a photo on Facebook.
"This is how amazing our firefighters are," the post reads. "Great job Chief Hadley and Captain Lloyd for providing awesome customer service to one of our young citizens."
And it certainly brightened their day, too.

"She's adorable,"Captain Lloyd said of the toddler. "We asked if we could keep her."