Father furious after wife leaves baby home alone to go jogging

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A dad whose wife left their baby at home asleep while she went for a run, has taken to social media to ask if he was in the wrong for losing his temper.

"Our son is barely one,' he writes on Reddit. "I came home from work and my wife was just getting back from a run, at which point I noticed our son was in the back room sleeping." When he asked her about it, the man says she became defensive, noting, " It was only a mile, and I never got far away from the house".

The first-time father explained that he doesn't think it's safe and "got mad at her".

"The whole thing escalated into a fight where I told her what she did wasn't safe," he continues.  "Now shes mad at me, thinks I'm being a judgmental ass, and doesn't want to talk. She thinks it's no different than being outside in the backyard while hes napping"

The dad explained that they have a treadmill at home as well as a running stroller and that he's "incredibly supportive of her working out."

"But I never thought it would come to this," he notes. "She also has a gym membership to go swimming or whatever. For clarification too, she said she did a mile run, and it took her 10 minutes. And after I was visibly angered she told me she ran a circle around our house. So take that as you will."

The father noted that he is constantly encouraging her to hang out with her friends while her takes care of their son.

"All In all, she has been an amazing mother. We are both first timers In this, but I never thought something like this could/would happen. And I certainly didn't think I would be made out to be the bad guy."

While Redditors were quick to condemn the mother's actions, the incident triggered an important conversation about mental health and the demands of caring for young children


Maybe if she had the baby monitor strapped onto her and was within sprinting distance from the house if something happened I could agree with her. But she had nothing (no phone either I'm assuming) on her according to the original poster. That's dangerous on its own," one commenter wrote.

"I wouldn't be comfortable with that either," said another. "A lot can happen really quickly with a baby that age. However, it sounds like your wife really wants to get out of the house and get some time for herself. Is there a way you two can work together to facilitate that safely?"

"The other side of this is if she is struggling with parenthood and on the edge of a mental breakdown they do say it's better just to leave the environment as it's unlikely that anything will happen and could be safer if she's having bad thoughts. So more INFO would be needed to make sure she is coping."

"I wouldn't leave my one year old alone, but man I've thought about it while he's sleeping," one mum said. "Home all day with a rambunctious child is exhausting. By the evening, you're so tired it's hard to find the motivation to do anything for yourself. I understand why she did it, I understand why OP is upset."

In an updated comment, the father shared that he and his wife had spoken and that she is now "seeing it from my perspective". 

"She broke down and cried for quite awhile. And apologised for trying to blame me. It seems this was a one-off thing. She explained to me that she was excited to try some new running shoes, and didn't think about how dangerous it all was since he was napping.

"That being said, I'm going to be continuing to provide her with opportunities galore for space and time outside of the home to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Mental health is no joke."

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